the context of god and the devil

devil, as an opponent to the most high

if the most high says left, the devil says right
if the most high says be at peace, the devil says be at war
if the most high says stand up, the devil says sit down

you could think of it as, a person that constantly disagrees with everything you say, and everything you try to do, they try to prevent you from doing it

you try to pour a bowl of cereal, they snatch the bowl
you try to put on the tv, they pull the plug out
you try to read a book, they shout to distract you, or slap the book out of your hand


or what some would call, “bullying”
but notice how the root of the word bully, is BULL

it’s bullish behaviour

if you simply go on youtube and watch some videos, you can see how bulls behave

they actually bully each other, it’s in their animal nature

a bull might attack another bull, for no real reason, other than to get on his nerves or to antagonise him, to have power over him

one bull is eating grass, a different bull headbutts him, they fight briefly, the first bull starts eating grass again, then the second bull headbutts him again, and a third bull joins in and attacks the first bull, then the first and second bull both attack the third bull

it’s kind of like random antagonism
but to the bulls it clearly makes sense, and seems worth doing, that’s why they do it

maybe it’s fun to them, or maybe it’s just the way they think, the way they are


so, if a person had a nature kind of like a bull, it’s natural that they would behave kind of like how bulls behave

this is where astronomy is a factor

when astronomy shows that one constellation is like a crab, and a different constellation is like a bull, and another constellation, like a lion, and another constellation, like a ram

it basically identifies the real truth behind ‘human’ character

no other science does this
no other science conclusively explains why people are the way they are
it only tells part of the story

astronomy tells the whole story

science, other than astronomy, mainly explains biology, the organic element, the organism, bacteria, living cells and then chemistry, the molecules, elements, and sub atomic particles

astronomy is the most practical way to explain the spiritual, celestial aspect of people

everything about this science is facts
that’s what makes it different

applying the principle of Right Knowledge, as taught by Dr Malachi Z. York, verifying information by Evidence, Experience and Reason, shows what is true, and what is false


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