prince charming, monogamy myth

in western society, it seems to be an established form of social conditioning and socio-psychological engineering, that monogamy is promoted as the ‘be-all, and end-all’ relationship modality

in actual fact, monogamy has a lot of limitation, drawbacks and negatives, however, it is simply appropriate for whom it is appropriate

some of the negatives of monogamy can include:

  • isolation
  • competion-mindedness
  • fear-based consciousness
  • lack of variety
  • lack of support network
  • vulnerability

in the spirit of sorority, polygamy can allow women to interface with other women, to share their time, energy and support, and to work together to build healthy families

contrary to popular belief, polygamy is not exclusively to males, insomuch as solo male, multiple female, but polygamy also can exist in the sense of solo female, multiple male, or other ratios of a male female numeration

this article, is addressing solo male, multiple female polygamy, which is, a nature based methodology conducive to reproduction and family, population building

biologically, it should be noted that it is physically possible for one male to fertilize multiple women’s ova at the same time; 9 women can carry a child for the same man, at the same time. it is not physically possible for one female, to carry a child, for 9 men at the same time. this is a logic based estimation

although people may choose to pursue polygamy for other reasons, and based on other ideologies, the most organic reasoning seems to be the reason of reproduction and family building

Prince Charming?

the popular western story of a ‘handsome prince’ and a ‘damsel in distress’ or ‘fairytale princess’ is firmly routed in fiction, and should be interpreted as such

in real life, what examples do we have of a famous prince and princess?

‘prince charles and princess diana’

fairytale prince and princess love story?

the fact is, charles wanted camilla, but it wasn’t an option deemed as acceptable, so he went along with marrying diana.

without the social nuances, pretentiousness, propaganda and other forms of nonsense, it would be much better if people would be honest about what they want, what their expectations are, what they are looking for, and what they need

that way, if everybody bases their preceptions and relationships on honesty, problems could be avoided

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