does god really exist? yes of course. see for yourself

who is god?

biblically, the ‘god’ referred to as the Most High, is more correctly known as ANU, in the ancient mesopotamian culture of Sumer

ANU is a real person

there are some basic facts, that confirm that ANU really exists, let’s look at the facts

depiction of ANU

Page 2, of the Holy Tablets, by Dr Malachi Z. York

that’s just a picture. anyone can make up a picture

indeed. but what about ancient artifacts?

ancient artifact, urartu culture, badisches landesmuseum


but the picture could just have been a copy of the artifact

maybe. but the fact the picture and the artifact match, means something. what else?

depiction of ouranos

aion mosaic, roman culture, glyptothek, munich museum

that proves nothing at all

it’s a totally different picture. but notice the symbolism

this is the part where there’s no arguments left

ANU is a real person

the planet Uranus is evidently correspondent to the spiritual influence of ANU

this fact is evident when comparing astronomy data against real life events, such as, someone’s birthday

obviously, if it’s true ANU exists, and has a planetary influence, then there must be people who look like ANU

actor, adrian pasdar, ‘nathan petrelli’ of ‘heroes’ tv series

look at the depiction of ANU, page 2 of the Holy Tablets, and look at the depiction of ANU, ancient urartu artifact at badisches landesmuseum

look at the picture of adrian pasdar

the fact is, that very noticeable upper lip, that curves downward in the middle of the lip, is quite an unusual facial characteristic. it is safe to say, not many people have an upper lip like that. it is rare

astronomical alignments, via NASA’s JPL Horizons system, of April 30th, 1965, cited as adrian pasdar’s birthday according to wikipedia article

sun aries 40 longitude
mercury pisces 15 longitude -3 latitude
venus aries 45 longitude -1 latitude
mars leo 159 longitude 2 latitude
uranus leo 161 longitude 1 latitude

said correspondence between mars, and the head, according to medical astrology, cited by wikipedia article

evidence is evidence

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